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Toyo Printing Ink, met with overseas dealers in Kusadasi

Toyo Printing Ink, which have an important position in the packaging and ink sector, met up with their global business partners in Kusadasi.

Toyo Printing Ink, one of the leading company in the market and continuing its activities under the frame of Toyo Ink Group, met with foreign dealers on 4-7 April at Kusadasi Korumar De Luxe Hotel.The dealers meeting, which was attended by 51 people from 25 countries, has started with the opening speeches, trainings, and ended with a gala dinner that the Agean Band team performed.

Chairman of Toyo Printing Ink Koji Wada has mentioned about the TPI's future plans, investments and prominent services at the opening meeting, and he ended his speech with expressing sincere thanks to his team and business partners for their contribution to TPI for its current position.

Toyo Printing Ink's Export and Business Development Manager Gokmen Arar completed his speech as "While we were almost at the starting point in exports, now we are above our targets. We have developed this together and we are aware that a great potential is waiting for us in the sector, and we will continue our progress in new markets. I would also like to thank our esteemed dealers who have contributed to Toyo Printing Ink."

Toyo Printing Ink CEO, Yakup Benli said that "Our goal is to deliver permanent solutions not instantsolutions that supports the needs of our business partners with both our products and services. We currently have an export network reaching 24 countries, and we aim to expand this global network with the markets we want to reach. I would like to thank my teammates and valuable business partners while reaching our targets. "

After the opening speech, technical support specialists of Toyo Printing ink which is Turkey's first ink R&D Center have been implemented sectoral trainings on Pigments, and product groups were introduced such as Liquid Ink, Metal Packaging Ink and Systems, Sheet-Fed Offset Ink, Laminating Adhesives, Digital Ink.In addition to these trainings, specialists from Toyo Ink Japan, Toyo Chem and Toyo Morton that are within the structure of Toyo Ink Group, have been implemented special presentations for the dealers' meeting.

About Toyo Printing Inks Inc.

Toyo Printing Inks Inc., a member of the Toyo Ink Group, has been one of the leading brands in Turkey's printing ink sector since its foundation in the country in 1968. The company is a leading manufacturer of printing inks and auxiliary products for virtually all printing techniques, such as web offset inks for publications, offset sheetfed inks, serigraphy inks, flexo and rotogravure inks and metal can coating systems. Toyo Printing Inks is committed to meeting the needs of the packaging and printing industry by adhering to the highest production standards, with importance given to quality and innovation. The company operates a Colour Making Centre in İstanbul and state-of-the-art production facility in Manisa, while maintaining a network of 36 dealers and sales offices in 4 cities in Turkey. For further information on Toyo Printing Inks, visit

For more information about the Toyo Ink Group, visit the website of the parent company Toyo Ink SC Holdings Co., Ltd. at