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For a Vibrant World
Sheet-fed offset inks are used in printing books and journals in the printing sector , posters and publications in the advertisement and graphic sector, paper and folio labels and all kind of cardboard packages in the packaging sector.

Both pressman and ink producer should have a very high knowledge and experience and be flexible f or meeting all needs regarding printing machines, printing materials and effect applications.

The ability to overcome the problems experienced in
design, printing and package printing materials makes TOYO Printing Inks diff erent from its rivals. The secret to our success is our employees ’ experiences and their love and commitment toward their jobs. This experience is the result of close collaboration and trainings constantly done with our clients

Sheet-Fed Ink Series

TOYOZEN DZ Vegetable oil based, high gloss *** *** *** ***       *** *** ** 72 Vegetable oil based tricromic sheet fed ink series with high gloss. TOYOZEN Premium ink series are formulated with developed varnish technology derived from vegetable oils and renewable sources. Vegetable oils provide low and stable tack even at high speed presses. TOYOZEN series meet the market demand by its fast setting and drying roperties, for every kind of printing materials. TOYOZEN Premium series inks are suitable for almost all printing materials (uncoated first grade papers, cartoons and coated papers). TOYOZEN is formulated to meet the requirement of ISO 2846:1 standart. TOYOZEN corresponds ISO 12647:2 print standarts.
TOYOLIFE LF High colour density, quick dry high rub resistance
*** *** *** ***       *** *** *** 72 TOYOLIFE series inks are universal for printing on almost every kind of paper and board with almost all types of offset presses. These tricromic printing ink series are formulated with improved vegetable and mineral oil based varnish system. Owing to its reformed formulation, it sets onto paper surface instantly and dries very quickly. It is suitable for all dampening systems. Especially for short runs and fast back-ups, LF series inks are especially advised.
COATED. TOYOLIFE is formulated to meet the requirement of ISO 2846:1 standart. TOYOZEN corresponds ISO 12647:2 print standarts.
TOYOSMART DS Universal, economic, quick dry, high gloss
** ** *** ***       *** *** ** 48 Universal and economical tricromic serie for printing on almost every kind of paper and board with almost all types of offset presses. Mineral/Vegetable Oil Based Varnish based these serie sets onto paper surface instantly and dries quickly. TOYOSMART is formulated to meet the requirement of ISO 2846:1 standart. TOYOZEN corresponds ISO 12647:2 print standarts.
TOYOPAN LR High colour strength & rub resistance *** *** ** ***     ** *** *** 15-20 High colour strength series, excellent on board prints with high scratch resistance. Toyopan is a multi purpose sheet-fed offset ink series. Toyopan is avaliable in process series produced to European reference. It has optimal ink-water balance, which results in excellent performance.
TOYOPAN PANTONE DP No colour deviation
*** *** *** **       *** ** ** 24 PANTONE Colour matching System is an international printing, publishing and packaging colour language providing an accurate method for selection, matching and control of colour. This system allows to be used only by printing manufacturers licensed by PANTONE. PANTONE shades can be obtained by using 14 basic shades. DP series is developed for this purpose and licensed by PANTONE.
*** *** ** ***     ** *** *** 15-20 Especially developed for printing which requires light, chemical and rub/scratch resistance. Because of high chemical resistance of inks, prints does not affected by billboard glues. Their original colours last long by high light fastness properties. Chemical, rub and scratch resistance properties make it suitable for detergent label and packaging.
TOYO FRESH DE Multi colour
** ** ** **       ** ** *** 48 Quick setting high colour strength inks series. QUICK FRESH serie comprises of European, Kodak and DIN scale process inks and also spot colours.
TOYOFOLYO PO Perfect adhere         ***   ** ** ** 20 Foil inks series, designed specially for impervious materials such as plastic foil, hologram paper, aluminum-coated board or metallised paper, as well as non-absorbent papers (for beverage cups) with excellent rub and scratch resistance.
ANKUR AN High colour strength process & spot colours
*** ** *** **     *** *** *** 48 AN series sheet-fed offset inks are specially designed for offset and letterpress printing. Inks dry fast by penetration into paper and by oxidation. ANKUR offset inks are designed to give glossy prints on coated papers. They can be used on the modern 1,2 or 4 colour presses having conventional dampening systems. Besides as AN-3800 series all florescent colors exist in the color palette of AN series.
MAXING BASE SYSTEM MS Mixing System Base Colors

*** ** *** **       ** *** *** 48 Offset mixing system is an accurate method for matching, controlling and repeating of special colors. The series contain 18 different colors without driers and waxes to obtain all shades of Pantone and any other spot colors. Series also include inks that their original colors last long by high light-fastness properties. Mixing Base colours and their mixtures are suitable for light-coated and heavy-coated paper and board.They can be used with excellent results on high-speed presses with either conventional or alcohol dampening systems.



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